Central branch of the coffee hot chocolate out of Iran in 1369 as the first coffee shop in management and executive management, Mr. Mansour Amini Amini brothers began on the streets of Tehran Lily and drummer efforts to the right customers, high customer satisfaction and value the quality of products offered, quickly became one of the most popular coffee shops in Tehran. Site coffee hot chocolate in 1383 as a commercial brand and logo registration and international coffee shop chain discredit and rising demand in the wake of the positive performance of the series, the second branch was opened in 1384 in Tehran. With the efforts and perseverance of the series to date branch managers increasing number of coffee shops in our country has been established hot chocolate. With today's competitive market, customers are only entitled to judgment and choice and according to this principle only a slogan Working Group miniature hot chocolate and it's not something Bjzahtram customer and customer tastes. To achieve this objective the use of raw materials and to provide first-class products with the highest quality possible is the only solution that the hot chocolate is to believe it. in the end ... Hot chocolate managers believe that people can rely on their intelligence and their efforts to record names and their domestic and international market and this in the light of the applicants' rights, high quality and innovation It is possible.

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Central shop's Address: Number 36, Gharghavol sharghi alley, North Sohrevardi street. 

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